Thoughts of a Learning Entrepreneur


Elliott Masie is a learning entrepreneur.

He has run his “Learning XXXX” programs for over 25 years, usually in Orlando, FL. Here are the plans for the latest one:

Learning 2017

David Tollon and I had the pleasure of attending in 2014 and 2015. It was the first time I ever saw educators treated like rock stars.  I think he also single-handedly legitimized the process of finding, and reviewing (yes, “vetting”), and collecting existing educational materials on the Internet, calling it “curating.”  His meetings are known for their myriad of slogan buttons and one I proudly collected was one claiming that I was a “CURATOR”.   THOSE highlighting Masie’s highly produced programs we attended included Salman Khan of KhanAcademy , Logan Smalley of TED Ed and co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak, as well as popular entertainers who discuss the role of continual learning in their professions.

As Elliott Masie is a thought leader in education, training, and often muses over the potential educational role of evermore pervasive digital technology, I thought it would be useful to pass along his July 5 newsletter projections as a direct quote (italics added):

* Learners as Designers: Our learners are designing and producing more and more of their own learning pathways.

* Open Content Expands Radically: Content from “open” sources like TED, YouTube are growing radically.

* Duration of Learning Activities Shrink: Classes, webinars, video and even coaching gets smaller and concise..

* Learning Systems Stretch Beyond LMS: Talent, learning apps and other systems push LMS down under.

* Machine Learning May Evolve Design: Can AI and machine learning shift the creation of learning activities.

* Shoulder to Shoulder Learning Comes Back: OJT (On-Job Learning) and OJL (On-Job Training) are re-emerging with workplace job aids.

* Video Chat Extends Social Collaboration: Click and connect with colleagues anywhere.

* User Experience Spins the Process: Creating learning with user design elements at the core.

* Curation Empowers the Learner & Organization: Content and context from anywhere for everyone.

* Curiosity, Mobile Devices and Search Engines for Learning Everywhere! YES!

Veterinary medical educators should be paying attention to these trends if we are to keep up and to continue to motivate our students. Help move the needle!

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